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Do you do classes?

No, we don’t do classes. That being said, our personal trainers have a range of group exercise options. If you’d like to discuss the group exercise classes they do, you can contact them here.


What are your opening times?

Weekdays 6.00 – 21.00
Saturday 8.00 – 16.00
Sunday 9.00 – 16.00 


What equipment do you have?

We’re a fitness playground! We have 12 power racks, 14 barbells, kettlebells to 32kg, dumbbells to 50kg, over 2000kg of bumper plates, assault bikes, curved treadmills, rowers, ski ergs, 2 prowlers, not to mention all of the peripheral bits of kit!


Do you have WiFi?

Yes, in our café we have high-speed internet so you can work from MyGym all day if you wanted to!                                 


Can I get a discount?

Work for the services (NHS, Police, Fire), the forces (Army, Navy, RAF), join with friends or family, or if your place of work has a deal with us then yes, you qualify for our corporate rate which is a discount of £60 per year!


Is there a joining fee?

Nope. Not now, not ever.


Is there a minimum term contract?

No, you can cancel whenever you like, just come in and see us and we can cancel you off the system.


Is there someone at the gym to help me?

Yes, there’s always someone on hand to help you with exercise instruction. Also, we run something called ‘the Daily Dose’, which is a daily workout to give you ideas and inspiration for your training!


Can I have personal training?

Absolutely – just get in touch and we can point you in the direction of our excellent PTs!


Do you offer day passes?

If you would like to bring a friend to try out MyGym, simply bring them with you and have them sign the wavier and speak to our team about your day pass.

Phone: 07866 361964
Email: info@mygymofficial.co.uk
Address: MyGym, Hazel Grove
Stockport, SK76DD

A place where you can enjoy your exercise and not fear judgement.


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